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NexSys Chargers

NexSys® chargers are ideal for fast and opportunity charging, providing maximum flexibility for all your fleet operations.

NexSys and NexSys+ modular charging technology

NexSys and NexSys+ chargers raise the bar to a new level with High-Frequency Technology.


These compact smart chargers are designed for wall-mounting or free-standing operation.


The NexSys charger is suitable for standard charging with up to 100% energy throughput per day with a limited amount of opportunity charging.


NexSys+ allows fast charging with up to 160% energy throughput per day and opportunity charging as often as needed, while the charger and the battery can communicate using Wi-iQ®.

Why NexSys Chargers?



Peak performance and reliability



NexSys COMpact onboard charger

NexSys COMpact is an onboard charger, physically installed into the battery tray or into the truck, making charging easy and efficient.


Why NexSys Compact?


These inefficiencies are removed by using the new NexSys COMpact onboard solution.


The charging room becomes “portable”, and wherever there is an AC socket you can opportunity charge.

Use NexSys when you want - recharge when you need.