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NexSys In Action

NexSys® batteries and chargers are the first-choice for companies and businesses around the world, below are just a few examples of how they are used in action.


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Mercedes Benz in Bremen is the second largest Mercedes automotive factory in Europe. It employs over 12,000 people and produces more than 300,000 vehicles per year. Discover how EnerSys® made huge energy savings possible using NexSys® TPPL batteries.

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METRO Group and EnerSys® joined forces to create the ultimate energy efficiency system in material handling. Discover how the METRO shop in Paris-Bercy achieved energy cost savings and higher performance using EnerSys NexSys® TPPL technology.

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Watch how EnerSys® has provided a flexible and efficient energy storage solution for Barilla, thanks to Thin Plate Pure Lead technology, allowing higher performance and cost savings.